American Furniture

At Goebel & Co., we are a American furniture and interiors company obsessed with creating products of the finest quality. Founded in February 2011, Martin Goebel assembled a comprehensive set of skills under single company encompassing product design, automated manufacturing and high touch customer interaction. Specializing in Residential, Commercial and Hospitality genres we offer product of finest craftsmanship designed by co-founder Martin Goebel.

Starting with elemental materials and timeless design we produce product of uncompromising quality in Saint Louis, USA.  

Merging old world craftsmanship and digital design, at Goebel our furniture has established itself as an industry leader collaborating furnishing interiors worldwide.


Martin Goebel

President, Design Director

Martin Goebel is a world renowned industry expert on digital design, automated manufacturing and its integration into the furniture industry. He has operated within the Furniture industry for 17 years, holds an MFA, Furniture Design, Rhode Island School of Design, a BFA, Studio Arts,University of Missouri and a Certificate of Fine Furniture, College of the Redwoods.

"Our furniture embodies quality design and construction, but most of all facilitates function. The longevity of our work allows personal significance to grow between our clients and their furniture. The furniture isn't made to serve our purpose as designers or makers; it's made to serve the needs of our clients. It will look good and perform well even as life occurs on, around, and to it."


Jason Dakis

Production Manager

Jason Dakis has been with Goebel & Co. Furniture since 2013. His background in a diverse array of technical trades and immersion into automated manufacturing has made him invaluable in his role as Production manager at Goebel & Co.

“We can create absolutely anything, and do it well. We consolidate the best skill sets into a single production floor in both thought process and execution. This creates products which are just plain better.”