Goebel & Co. Furniture Residential Interiors

At Goebel & Co. Furniture we design and manufacture a signature line of residential furnishings as well as offer custom furniture design and creation. Each piece in our Residential Collection available in many wood and size options. Over time, we have selected signiture designs which are handmade in small batches.  We do this to bring you the finest quality furniture at reasonable prices.  

Most products can be modified to fit your particular living needs.  If you don’t see what you are looking for allow us to create a custom piece to perfectly fit your needs.


Made in the USA

At Goebel & Co. Furniture we design and build every piece of furniture from start to finish at our shop in Saint Louis, USA. Our furniture is hand made from solid domestic hardwoods harvested from the American midwest. Handmade to exacting specifications, no two pieces are the same. Whether it's a chair, table, bed or cabinet; it's unique for you. 


Heirloom Furniture

Furniture should tell a story first by design and then by experience.  A story of memories, conversations, announcements and many more celebrations with family and friends. At Goebel & Co. we create furniture that is built to last for generation after generation.  We encourage quality life through considered design and masterfully crafted objects. Your Goebel & Co. piece will endure gracefully and enhance as life occurs on, around and to it.