Goebel & Co. Furniture Commercial Interiors

At Goebel & Co. Furniture we design and manufacture commercial furnishing. We enjoy working with owners, interior designers and architects to achieve their vision.



Goebel & Co. Furniture acts in many ways to support and communicate the vision of the individual pallets of the brewing world.  We believe that our furniture and interiors should be an extension of the beer experience and look forward to working to create a space that furthers the vision of each of our brewing clients.  We are capable of, master planning for spatial utilization,  conceptual design of entire spaces, custom furniture design, bars, product manufacturing and installation

Universities and Museums 

Whether it's an academic institution or museum, Goebel & Co. Furniture is able to create spaces that encourage collaboration and conversations to further the learning process. We are able to work with a diverse team in order to reach a project's goals, from initial concept through installation. 




Our extensive work with the hospitality industry has yielded a process in which we engage directly with restaurateurs or in collaboration with fellow design professionals. By gaining full understanding of desired experience, we transform dining spaces fully manipulate culinary experience to the ideal vision of our clients. At Goebel & Co. Furniture we are able to outfit restaurants with chairs, tables, benches, cutting boards, serving boards and many more custom made pieces

Don't see your industry listed above? Feel free to contact us, so we can discuss your project in-depth and explore opportunities. 

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